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Incident Map for May 30, 2016 to May 30, 2016

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Mon May 30, 2016 Mon May 30, 2016
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Alarms Marker Alarms
Animal Control Marker Animal Control
Apprehension Order Marker Apprehension Order
Arson Marker Arson
Assault Marker Assault
Bomb Threat Marker Bomb Threat
Burglary Marker Burglary
Controlled Substances Marker Controlled Substances
Criminal Damage to Property Marker Criminal Damage to Property
Dead Body Marker Dead Body
Disorderly Conduct Marker Disorderly Conduct
Dispute Marker Dispute
Driving Under the Influence Marker Driving Under the Influence
Exposer Marker Exposer
Forgery Marker Forgery
Graffiti Violation Marker Graffiti Violation
Harassment or Threats Marker Harassment or Threats
Intoxicated Person Marker Intoxicated Person
Liquor Violation Marker Liquor Violation
Miscellaneous Marker Miscellaneous
Motor Vehicle Recovery Marker Motor Vehicle Recovery
Motor Vehicle Theft Marker Motor Vehicle Theft
Noise Violation Marker Noise Violation
Obstruct Justice Marker Obstruct Justice
Parking Issues Marker Parking Issues
Probation Check Marker Probation Check
Prowler or Window Peeker Marker Prowler or Window Peeker
Robbery Marker Robbery
Restraining Order Violation Marker Restraining Order Violation
Search Warrant Marker Search Warrant
Suspicious Circumstances Marker Suspicious Circumstances
Theft Marker Theft
Traffic Accident Marker Traffic Accident
Traffic Enforcement Marker Traffic Enforcement
Traffic Stop Marker Traffic Stop
Traffic Violation Marker Traffic Violation
Trespass Marker Trespass
Unknown Problem Marker Unknown Problem
Violation of Probation or Sentencing Marker Violation of Probation or Sentencing
Warrant Arrest Marker Warrant Arrest
Weapons Violation Marker Weapons Violation
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